About Us

Volubilis is redefining the concept of outsourcing & dedicated resources with a service that allows employers to recruit, expand and manage remote workers, quickly and easily. Our team of recruitment gurus, combines skilled workers and contractors with clients based on individual needs. Remote employees enjoy access to a managed workspace, training, corporate benefits (Read health insurance!) and much more.

Our Mission

To enable swift remote expansion at low costs with absolute peace of mind and creating a new source of revenue for co-working spaces.

Our Vision

Volubilis’ vision is to provide companies across the world an outrageously simple way to expand on-demand. While at the same time give remote employees fair reimbursement and guarantee by providing transparent recruitment with an awesome office space they actually like to work from. Thereby giving peace of mind and cost effectiveness of a full-time resource without the uncertainty or cost associated with freelancers or remote firms.

What we Provide?


  • Scouting,
  • Pre-Screening,
  • Hackathons for
  • Contract/Full-Time
  • Freelancers

Managed Workspaces

  • Time Tracking
  • Conference Rooms
  • Collaborative Work Environment
  • Trainings
  • Strict NDAs and other Work Policies


  • Workstations/Laptops
  • Health Insurance Policies
  • Training and Team Outings
  • Testing Tools
  • Home Pick-up and Drop Facilities
  • Describe Requirement
  • Interview Pre-Screened Candidates
  • Hire & Accomodate

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